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Why buy local? 5 key arguments

In support of the local economy and industry:
It was calculated (source Equiterre) that if each Quebec family replaced $ 20 per week of purchasing goods from abroad with the same value in Quebec products, more than 100,000 jobs would be created in one year.
For decent working conditions:
In large chain textile stores you only pay the fraction of the price of your clothes. How do they manage to charge such low prices? Who pays the difference? There has to be someone, somewhere who pays for you. Of his working conditions, his health, his freedom, his life. See the China Blue documentary for more information.
To reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to transport:
The distance traveled from the cotton harvest to its delivery to the store can be up to 19,000 km, 27,200 km and even up to 65,000 km. Or more than 1 ½ times around the planet ...
To promote a sustainable mode of consumption:
Style and quality predominate over fashion and trend. We buy less but better.
To pay a fair price:
Take the case of a garment made in Asia that sells for $ 75 in stores. Chances are, the latter was made for just $ 3! In the case of local production, the gross production cost would have averaged $ 25 ...


thanks to Ecopicure, and Equiterre who helped me write this article.

To know more : 

- The documentary China Blue,

 The responsible clothing guide published by Equiterre