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I burst onto the Quebec fashion scene in 2006, when I founded Créations Encore. The company’s line of women’s apparel was an immediate hit, thanks in no small part to the unique sense of style and attention to detail.


All-in attitude, particularly in the area of social investment, I continue to broaden the scope of my commitment. I often mentions the fact that, as a young girl, I dreamed of created my own clothes. Choosing a meaningful vocation in life is an opportunity that I hope everyone will be given. To that end, I had joined in efforts to reduce dropout rates by creating internships for high-school students aimed at fostering their appetite for success and bringing their personal dreams to fruition.


Créations Encore is an embodiment of my philosophy. The company is human-sized, with all team members working to ensure that this quality is reflected in all brand-related projects. The company’s product line is the realization of an idealistic dream, i.e. to create garments in keeping with the humanist and fair trade principles to which I subscribe.