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Buying and local production are core values ​​for Créations Encore. I find it important to encourage our creators here for the social, environmental and economic effect it creates.

Social: because it keeps jobs in Quebec where the working conditions are adequate and closely monitored.

Environmental: avoiding a lot of transport and therefore greenhouse gas emissions greenhouse.

Economical: by redistributing wealth closer to home and encouraging designers who are dedicate to their art.

Buying local can sometimes mean “paying more”. But how do you determine the price of a product ? Why is buying Québécois often more expensive than the fast fashion sent to us from Asia?

I did the exercise for you. Let's use this dress as an example.

$ 16.00 Research of raw materials and design of the item

$ 26.00 Pattern development, adjustments, washing tests.

5.00 $ Gradation and placement of sizes

$ 15.00 Fabrics and trims

5.00 $ Fabric cut

$ 13.00 Assembling the garment and adding trims (buttons)

$ 6.00 Marketing (advertising, graphics, visual production)

$ 6.00 Fixed costs (rent, electricity, internet, etc ...)

$ 16.00 Sale fees (exhibition booth, web fees)

$ 15.00 Mailing (including order preparation time)


The total cost of production and sale = $ 125

→ The final sale price = $ 139

Now what is the difference with the price of fast fashion ?

The fast fashion industry pays its workers paltry wages. It buys its materials by volume, with sums that represent several times the annual turnover of a Quebec company (in other words, it is unrealistic for us to think of accessing such volumes, therefore at such prices / unit. ). Most importantly, it does not test the durability or quality of its products or materials. This is what causes the majority of fast fashion products to degrade after a tiny number of times worn.

At Créations Encore, I am proud to ensure 100% of production in Montreal, Drummondville, Granby and to source my materials as much as possible in Quebec . Which I have to pay more, but which are ways of working, in my opinion, much more ethical. I also take great pride in making products that last and can withstand a high number of washes. They are designed for real life!

It is with great transparency that I share this with you, as I believe that education on this subject is not sufficiently available to consumers. Price evaluation is often an open secret to keep out the competition.

At home, we see things differently. I believe that I am indebted first and foremost to you. So you know exactly what you are buying when placing an order on my site. So that the price you pay is in your eyes common sense.

Let's break down the taboos surrounding the world of clothing. Let's know exactly what we're paying for (or not paying for) when we buy a dress, tunic or even a t-shirt!