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Tips for keeping your clothes longer

It is really difficult to let go of a garment that we hold dear because yes, our clothes, we love them and we are right so here are some simple steps to take care of them.

Maintenance and washing: 

It may seem obvious, but the washing instructions on the labels are valuable information.

Generally, recommend a cold wash, ideally in a low-pollution machine (Class A) and do not put them in a dryer but let them air dry - either flat or on a hanger - so as not to have to iron them (or very little).

Once dry and clean, take the time to fold / hang them well.

Do not hang them on a coat rack or iron hangers which could defog them, but on large wooden or plastic or padded hangers.

Do not store your dresses, shirts, suits, or any dirty or sweaty clothing (especially silk) in a closet. Sweat or dirt attacks the fibers and discolors them.

Ironing : 

To properly iron a garment, take another look at the label. Iron preferably inside out or right side up with a fine cloth interspersed to avoid traces of polish. Be careful to respect the folds of the clothes (trousers with darts for example)

The (small) touch-ups: 

Even with all these little touches, there will inevitably come a day when your garment needs a little touch-up. Unstitched button, undone hem, or small tear ... so many small disasters but nothing dramatic 

The internet is full of tutorials to extend your love affair with this piece you cherish so much!