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DIY: The lunch box gets a beauty

DIY : La boîte à lunch se fait une beauté

Explanations on the "Design Sponge" site by clicking here.

For the sewing of the buttons, do not bother to do it by hand, rather see this superb tutorial from Patricia (in video!) Which explains how to do it with the sewing machine: Sewing tip: sew a button on the sewing machine.

If you really want to do it by hand, follow the link and you'll see a simple and effective method posted on our facebook page.

If you are allergic to buttonholes (which is not far from my case ... ahem!), You can also replace the closure with a good old Velcro!

So much better than my old plastic bag which gets ugly after the first use!

With such pretty accessories, it’s impossible to take your lunch break alone, you will have to parade in front of all your colleagues proudly announcing "I’m the one done!" And leaving them totally in disbelief!

Enjoy your meal 


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