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3 spring DIY

3 DIY de printemps

Spring has always been my favorite season. Usually, after months of snow and cold, the slightest warming and ray of sunshine is bliss. This is often the time when I want to renew my wardrobe, give new life to my favorite objects, re-decorate my interior, start jogging again, ... in short, lots of things that start with "re" 

So, if you're like me, you're going to love these little DIYs to add color and something new to your daily life.

1. A mason jar here - a mason jar there  - by The Diyplaybook

Mason jars are quite trendy and if we can make the useful to the pleasant, we should not deprive ourselves of them 

Click on the image or in the title and follow the steps. You are not going to be able to stop customizing your Mason jars for your makeup items or new flower pots 

2. Good in my hammock / chair - by "A beautiful Mess"

A real favorite for this DIY. I who love to knit, I can already imagine my iced tea on the table, my knitting in hand and the music blaring 

Otherwise, a little book would do the trick too! The steps to follow by clicking on the photo!

3.  Custom sewing mannequin - by Personalized Fashion

Buying local and ethically is good and we can only encourage them to do so. Otherwise, the alternative to clothes Encore Creations ?  Do it yourself !! And it starts of course by concocting your own tailoring mannequin… to its dimensions.

Click on the photo to see all the steps. 

Long live spring!


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