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Organize a fashion show

Organiser un défilé de mode

Some time ago, we presented the Fall / Winter collection of Créations Encore to a captivated audience! Today I would like to make a list of the things you need to do to make an event like this happen. Organizing a fashion show is not an easy task: there are many speakers, a pace to set the show and prepare everything to the millimeter to avoid downtime and questions on D-Day.

Thanks to our collection, the theme of the parade was found: equestrian. We have implemented the concept wherever possible. When organizing an event, have 1 color code (in our case: black, green and white) and 1 main theme makes it much easier to decide and make choices. This is not to be overlooked!

First of all, there is the choice of date :

We decided to build on an existing event: the days of culture. The strong point of this choice is that we were able to take advantage of communications from the Culture Days (especially the program). So some people knew about the parade when they would not have known under other circumstances. And then there is a kind of emulation that makes people look out for something interesting and want to go out. The weak point is that there are a lot of other activities, a kind of competitive activity of sorts!

Our advice: Building on an existing event is a good idea when the means of communicating about the parade are not huge and time is running out! Even the older ones take advantage of fashion week 

The room :

Once we have an idea of the date, we can search for the venue. We have the chance to work in a cultural space. But that's not the only reason that made us choose the artists' cat. There was also the ease. And yes ! No shame, word of mouth should not be devalued! On the contrary. Organizing a fashion show, with a small budget, is not easy, as we have already said! So when we found out there was a room we could rent right next to our studio for a bite of bread, we jumped at the opportunity. We had already organized a similar event some time ago and we had chosen to do it in a bar. You can also consider this option. Or why not, shift a pretty place like the hall of a library? Remember to do this well in advance to obtain the proper authorizations!

The communication :

Flyers, posters and especially social media (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, all means are good)! And then, no harm in inviting all his friends, even the most distant from your group. For flyers, it is still best to hand them out by hand explaining what it is. This is much more efficient than putting them in a corner on a table. For posters, you don't have to stray too far from your neighborhood. Hang it up in schools, bakeries, bars, restaurants, etc. Places your target frequents. It's even better if it's placed where people are waiting. They will have time to read it and watch it. If like us you don’t have a lot of money to spend, don’t post outdoors, as that requires a larger poster size and a different, more expensive paper quality.

Also think about community radios to spread the word. They are listened to and generally accessible enough to take the time to talk about you. We had an interview on CKUT, Mc Gill's radio in the French-speaking program, the day after the day before.

The D-Day :

  • The models: we wanted our models to reflect reality. So there were many of them, of all ages and sizes. All of the mannequin kits were developed before their arrival using the information they had given us beforehand: size, shoe size, etc. They were asked to come with jeans and a black camisole and black shoes that were a bit versatile. As soon as they arrived, they were shown around and the rehearsals began. Our goal was to have a natural and relaxed atmosphere, which made their work easier since they were all amateurs.
  • Hairdressing and makeup: 2 hairdressers and 2 makeup artists took care of the models and that was not too much! This step is very long. The theme made it possible to choose the type of hairstyle: braids and braids.
  • Photographer: Remember to ask him to come early enough so he can take backstage photos. The atmosphere and the tension were at their peak in those moments! Especially since there are a lot of people bustling around in a small space.
  • The remuneration of the speakers: the participation was voluntary, that said, we still offered surprise packages to all the people who helped us from near or far for the success of this event. They included: 1 belt and 1 gift voucher. Models, after rehearsal and before the show, often have to wait long hours. Using their gift voucher right away made the time pass more enjoyable! Also remember to serve food and drink. The day is long!
  • The decoration: during this time we set up the room: sound system, overhead projector, garlands, etc. Our equestrian theme in mind, we have declined the concept as much as possible. Remember, in decoration, to create an impact, you have to think "mass effect": There is the giant decoration and the small decorative elements to multiply.
  • Broadcast a program: we distributed a discount voucher valid the same day to all guests as well as a small pamphlet on Créations Encore for those who did not yet know. This allows you to highlight the partners, but also to leave a written document for the participants to take home.
  • Remember to collect spectators' email addresses: because an email address is priceless! Take advantage of this kind of event to increase your database. These are all more people that you can tell about your news later.
  • The welcome cocktail: to make the event more social, there's nothing like a bar offering beers, wine and soft drinks. Before and after the parade, people were able to network, discuss and exchange. Immediately, the atmosphere is more convivial.
Here ! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us. I wouldn't say that we are pro at running fashion shows, but I can say that this one was a success based on the feedback we received afterwards.
We loved working with all these volunteer workers without whom the result would have been much worse. I hope we've made you want to organize a fashion show yourself, or that our tips have helped you. Often times, we refrain from doing these kinds of things because we think they are too complicated. That being said, there are ways to make your life easier and we find the "Energy Expended vs Positive Impact of Event" report to be more than profitable!
look Occo Haniel's photos (on Facebook) and judge for yourself


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