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DIY: transform your dress into a top

DIY : transformez votre robe en top

We tried to be careful, every year, it's the same thing, the holidays have (more or less) ruined us ... And it is exactly at that moment that we start dreaming of a new dress (as it was on purpose!)

Before you drill the hole in your wallet even more:

1 / take a tour of your wardrobe, you may come across a forgotten nugget

2 / go to a thrift store.

A thrift store? Yes ! There are very pretty dresses there. Certainly with a very 80s look, but by following a few basic rules, it is relatively easy to bring them up to date.

Sometimes it is enough to shorten the line. And why not go so far as to transform the dress into a top?

To do this, you need to have someone measure for you from your shoulder to the length you want. Add 3 inches to the length thus obtained. Put a benchmark. Calculate from the bottom what you will need to cut. Then, patiently, take the measurement obtained and report it, taking care to follow the curve of the garment (see image above).

You just have to sew a hem by folding the edge 2 times and making a straight and discreet seam.

If you read English, direction this blog for all advice.

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