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DIY :: A small leather bag (seamless)

DIY :: Un petit sac en cuir (sans couture)

You need :

- A piece of leather (left over from a jacket, skirt or leather bag that you no longer wear)

- A ruler,

- A pair of scissors,

- String,

- A marker,

- What to make small holes,

- A magnetic press stud system. 

1 / Cut the piece of leather to the desired size: a large rectangle, the last tier of which is cut at a point.

2 / Place your press stud.


3 / Pierce the leather at the right and left ends but also along the flap.


4 / With thread and a needle, sew by hand like a lace, not passing through the holes you have previously made.

5 / Tah Dah! You are (almost) done! All you have to do is add something to camouflage the snap button fastening system and you can go parade proclaiming to anyone who wants to hear it: I did it! 


Tutorial found here


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