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DIY: A mini tote bag

DIY : Un mini sac à main fourre tout

 A small, simple bag to make with scraps of fabric, or even better, a sweater to be thrown away!

You can download the pattern by clicking on the link below: Handbag.

We slip one handle into the other and slide our wrist into the available space and off we go with the bare minimum: a wallet, keys, phone and metro pass.

You can also have fun filling it up and organizing a whole bunch of stuff thematically:
- baby toys,

- its makeup kit,

- his lunch,

- etc.

In this way, before leaving, we pack our bag according to what we need!

To download the pattern in PDF format, click on the link: Handbag

Instructions are in English, but the pictures speak for themselves.


PS: I am a big fan of covers, which is to say that I am delighted with this idea! 


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