About Us

Patricia Jodoin burst onto the Quebec fashion scene in 2006, when she founded Créations Encore. The company’s line of women’s apparel was an immediate hit, thanks in no small part to her unique sense of style and attention to detail.

All-in attitude

Resolutely outward looking, Patricia was born to share her passion for design, which is how her Craft Parties came into being. These workshops are intended to show that anyone can create a simple object using recycled raw materials.

Known for her all-in attitude, particularly in the area of social investment, Patricia continues to broaden the scope of her commitment. She often mentions the fact that, as a young girl, she dreamed of created her own clothes. Choosing a meaningful vocation in life is an opportunity that she hopes everyone will be given. To that end, she has joined in efforts to reduce dropout rates by creating internships for high-school students aimed at fostering their appetite for success and bringing their personal dreams to fruition.

Emphasizing the idea that “every little bit counts,” this season Patricia is showcasing women with deep roots in their communities. This initiative offers fresh proof of her main desire: to inspire other people to help make the world a better place.

Close links

This keen sense of human relationships is also visible in the close links that Patricia forges with her network of distributor boutiques, which she regards as genuine partners. In addition, client service and sales support are among her central concerns, as evidenced in the pages of the newsletter she publishes. She also organizes contests and places great emphasis on social media.

Idealistic dream

Créations Encore is an embodiment of Patricia’s philosophy. The company is human-sized, with all team members working to ensure that this quality is reflected in all brand-related projects. The company’s product line is the realization of an idealistic dream, i.e. to create garments in keeping with the humanist and fair trade principles to which Patricia subscribes.

We are working hard to live this dream and bring it to fruition!

Patricia Jodoin